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terça-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2017

My Readings  | Book of the Month
Hello everyone! 
I want to try something different this year meaning that I want to write about other things that beauty and fashion and talk about other things like books. So I decided that at the end of every month I'm going to write about the book that I read during that month and write about my thoughts and whether I recommend it or not. 
This month book is called " The Girl from Everywhere" from Heidi Heilig.

I think that this book can be described as romantic adventure because it involves romance and because the main factor is time travelling the adventure card can be given to the book.

I don't want to spoil anything but basically the book is about a girl named Nix Song, a sixteen years old and she's a time traveller. She lives aboard the ship the Temptation with her father Slate, who is the captain, and an assorted crew of people they've picked up on their travels. 
Nix's original time is the 19th century Hawaii but her father is from 20th century New York. On his travels he fell in love with a woman in Hawaii in the 19th century. She died while giving birth to Nix and Slate wasn't there when it happened and that's the time this story focuses on because Slate is desperate to return to when Nix's mother was still alive.

I really liked reading this book even though that in the beginning I found it hard to keep focused to the story. I don't know why but the story wasn't captivating me to keep on reading and I even thought on giving up but I decided to keep going and I don't regret it at all! The book is also filled maps! The book has a lot of drawings of different locations depicted in different eras.

I recommend everyone that loves to read onto reading this book because even though the beginning of the story is a little slow if you keep reading the story starts to become really good! 

|My Rating|

 Do you have any good book recommendations
Let me know in the comments!

quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2017

Oil Nutritive Spray Conditionator Express | Review

Today I'm going to write about this product, the Schawarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Oil Nutritive Spray. If I had to rate it in a scale from 0-10 I would give it a 5. The product claims that can reduce split ends up to 95% which I personally don't believe ( I think that its impossible because there's no way it can repair damaged split ends since the hair is already dead and unless you can glue the ends there's no way).
It also says that can untangle the hair - which I actually believe since it helped me with my super knotty and wild hair and helped my achieve some hairstyles which made me really happy. Obviously doesn't untangle the hair right away as they say in the description of the product but it gets the job done so I can't complain about that.
The description also says that it can give the hair smoothness and I can say that is true. A few days ago I used it so I could tie my hair in a braided ponytail and my hair was super smooth. Even my mother said that my hair was a lot smoother than usual
I don't know what to think of it as a hair repair treatment because I don't know if using all the products from the Oil Nutritive range but I think the only thing that its good for is making my hair a more smooth look and helps me untangle it. 
My hair is super curly and sometimes it has a LOT of volume ( which I hate ) and I have to do some hairstyles to hide the volume - like braids, braided ponytails or buns - and let's say that I can definitely use this product to help me tame my hair. 
Will I buy it again? Maybe, I don't know. I'm still looking for the perfect product for my hair and I'm going to keep looking. This product is still a probability.

Can you recommend some of you hair products?

sexta-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2017

New Skin Care Products

I've never heard of this brand before and I'm going to say that I'm really impressed. I wanted to try new brands and escape my comfort zone a little  bit and decided to take a chance in this brand: Bioten elmplant. I went food shopping on my local supermarket and walked to the beauty aisle and as I was looking onto the skin care shelf's this caught my eye but I didn't bought it immediately. I decided that I wanted to choose brands that are cruelty-free and I so decided to research a little bit online before purchasing. I later found out that this brand does not test on animals
Their website says "In vivo tests are conducted on human volunteers, not on animals." which made me really happy. But couldn't find if they export their products to countries that do so I'm nervous about that. For now I decided to try and I don't regret it.
I was going to try the Simple Skin Care but I discovered that they DO test on animals so I decided to take a step back. 
I want to someday write a post about the companies that I found out that are not cruelty-free so that everyone who reads my blog can know before buying certain products.
All the products that I'm going to write about are part of my new skin care routine. I bought them just before the end of January.

Bioten products are 100% natural and they are parabens, parafins and colorant free. 

I have to say that this scrub cream has the best smell! Its scent is honey and apricot kernel. The honey helps hydrating your skin and the apricot kernels help smoothing and exfoliating while improving you skin.
This particular scrub cream is for normal or combination skin and it’s both paraben and paraffin free. It its suitable for exfoliation and efficient cleansing. It will help you with your acne problem, eliminate any oiliness from your face and leave it smooth. 
 The product says to use once to twice a week but I decided to use it at least 3 times because I don't feel comfortable only using it twice a week. 
The product cost me 3.99€ and has 150 ml. What a bargain!

This cleansing gel contains natural cotton extract which means it's rich in proteins and minerals and helps to protect sensitive skin whilst conferring a smooth appearance. Also has some little pink micro-beads in it which release Vitamin E
They're so subtle that are not harsh on my skin, while giving some sort of smooth exfoliation as well! It leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and fresh afterwards. 
This product cost me 3.99€ for 150 ml.

This product is super useful because it helps remove make up!
Like the Cleansing gel this product contains cotton extract which helps to retain the natural moisture of the skin while smoothing the skin and prevents it from dehydration. To use is just pouring a little bit on a cotton pad and apply on the face to remove impurities and make up. 
If you think the others were a bargain then this one was a super bargain! It only cost 1€! Yes! 1€!!

This hydration cream gives my skin a long lasting hydration and smooth feeling. I use it after cleansing my skin with the scrub cream or the cleansing gel. I decided to only use it at night times because I bought another cream to wear during the day. It's a perfect base for make-up and has a non-oily texture.
I love the packaging and has a nice smell that makes me really happy because I love good smelling products. 
This cost me 4.99€ for 5ml. 

I bought this product not being sure of what it was but I decided to give it a try. It's an oily skin moisturizer which provides the skin with optimum hydration. Has a cream gel texture which means that's fast absorbed onto the skin.
I use it on my morning routine because it has a SPF 15 to help protect the skin from UVA/UVB radiation and I have super light and sensitive skin so I think that it's perfect for me. Because it drys fast I think it will be a good make up base for my daily make up to when I have to go to uni. 
This product cost me 4.90 for 50 ml.

You can check the Bioten website here

Have you tried any of these products or others ?
Tell me in the comments!

segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

11 Factos sobre mim | Tag


O post de hoje vai ser responder a uma tag!
Eu fui nomeada pela Cláudia Carvalho do blog Clothes Up para responder a esta e eu aceitei! Vamos lá! 
P.S - Quero avisar que apenas vou nomear 7 blogs pois não obtive mais respostas de bloggers para a responderem. As que me responderam agradeço imenso! 

As regras são:
- Escrever 11 factos sobre ti
- Responder às perguntas de quem te indicou
- Indicar 11 a 20 blogs com menos de 200 seguidores
- Fazer 11 perguntas aos blogs indicados
- Colocar o selo da Liebster Award
- Linkar quem te indicou

11 factos sobre mim:
1. Meço 1,84 cm
2. A minha flor preferida é o girassol
3. Adoro viver perto do mar
4. Vou entrar pela primeira vez num ginásio
5. Tenho 4 cães e um gato
6. Só comecei a ter interesse em livros desde 2014
7. Adoro ir ao cinema
8. Sou fanática por chocolate
9. Gosto de jogar jogos de computador
10. O meu animal preferido é a raposa
11. Não gosto de coca cola.

Perguntas que me foram feitas:
1 - Há quanto tempo têm blog?    R: Criei o meu blog há 3 anos.
2 - Dos temas que falam, qual o vosso favorito?

    R: Adoro quando escrevo sobre produtos de beleza.
3 - Marca de maquilhagem favorita?

    R: Das que experimentei Kiko.
4 - Se fosse obrigatório eliminar um produto de maquilhagem, qual seria?

    R: Mascara pois é raro utilizar.
5 - Batons ou sombras?

    R: Batons! Adoro!
6 - Que tipo de consistência tem a vossa base?

    R: Líquida
7 - Que tipo de vídeos vêem no Youtube?

    R: Vejo beleza, moda, humor e jogos. 
8 - Que redes sociais têm associadas ao blog?

    R: Facebook ( também o Instagram mas não uso muito)
9 - Cremes de manhã ou à noite?

    R: Manhã e de noite.
10 - Metas para este ano?

    R: Conseguir melhorar a minha resistência física
11 - Sonhos para o futuro?

    R: Conseguir arranjar um trabalho onde possa trabalhar com mamíferos dado que me quero formar em Biologia no ramo de Ecologia.

As minhas perguntas:
1. Que tipo de filmes preferes?
2. Qual é o teu produto de maquilhagem preferido?
3. Banda Favorita?
4. O que pensas que estarás a fazer em cinco anos?
5. Corretores sólidos ou líquidos?
6. Qual o filme que mais te inspirou?
7. Marvel ou DC?
8. O que te faz feliz?
9. Qual a tua peça de roupa preferida?
10. Marca de de produtos faciais que preferes?
11. Se vês vídeos no youtube, quais youtubers vês?

Eu nomeio para responder a esta tag:

- Singularidade de uma morena
-A Inês Ramos
-Jules Space
-Quebra do Silêncio
-Letícia Brito

Espero que tenham gostado!

sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2017

New Kiko Make Up Acquisitions

I recently became a fan of Kiko products because their products are accessible in price and the quality is amazing.
I took advantage of their winter sales and I bought a lot of lipsticks because I don't have that many and I wanted to extend my collection. The price ranged between 1.90 € and 3.40 € so I decided to purchased them online.
I never bought make up online and I have to say that they were super quick with the delivery ( they came from Italy ) and I'm super satisfied with the results.

I'm going to be honest, I NEVER use lip gloss because I've had some "traumatic" experiences with them so I decided that I would never use them again. I decided to try that it was time to give them another shot and I wasn't disappointed. This is a super light shade which only leaves a little shine on my lips. The only think that I don't like is that the package is super tiny! I wasn't expecting it to be suuper small. But nonetheless I think is a nice think to keep with you on your purse.

I've been wanting to try a Kiko's foundation but I didn't want to spend more than 10€ so I decided to wait a little while and when the winter sales appeared I took the opportunity and bought this one. I only used it once and I have to say that I don't regret buying it! I was a little sceptical because I didn't know if it would be the right shade for me but I nailed the choice and I love it so much. It has a good coverage and doesn't leave my skin super shinny. I definitely recommend! 

Did you buy anything from the Kiko Winter Sales?

Tell me in the comments!

quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2017

January Favourites
Hello beauties! 
Because January has already ended it's time for the montlhy favourites!
At the beginning  of January I started to use one of the two notebooks that I bought/ was given at Christmas time. I love blank notebooks so much and I find them super useful that I only use them during my classes for taking notes. They are so small that I can just put them inside my bag and carry them all around and they don't take a lot of space inside. I can fit all my 5 subjects in it since I have a precise way to distinguish each one.
I also fell in love with the new Kiko eye liner and because it has a fine tip I find it super useful while doing my make up because I can work it super well rather than a large tip eyeliner. I sometimes use both eyeliner, the fine one to outline the cat eye and then the large tip to fill in.
On Christmas I visited Lisbon with my mother and my brother and on our last day we visited a place called LX Factory where my mother purchased and gave me a Giant Fox Eraser. I'm probably never going to use it but it looks good on my fox shelf. Yes I have a fox shelf!
The other thing that I loved and will always love is a Fox Pillow that my mother also gave me because she knows that i love foxes so much ( they are my favourite animal btw). It looks super cool on my bed and I love it so much.
The last thing that I loved during this month is a product that my best friend gave me on Christmas day and that I used is the sephora fleur de coton body wash and lotion and oh my god the smell! it smell so good! is like cotton candy ( i think the name gave it away no? ) and I love it a lot. i didn't use it a lot because I didn't want to run out of it so soon but i want to use it at least 2 or 3 times a month.  
Thanks for reading! :*


 blank notebook - 6€

 kiko fine line eyeliner - 7€ (*)

 giant fox eraser - 5€