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sexta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2017

Shopping Haul

Who doesn't love sales? Well I think that I can say that WE ALL DO! I like to purchase clothes in the sale season because sometimes it a piece of clothing that I really want that is a little expensive for me I can than hope that when the sales appear that I can then purchase it. In this time of year - Winter Sales - I find that the Summer clothes are a bargain and no one is going to know if you spent 10 euros on a t-shirt or a dress or if you spent 5 euros do you know what I mean? I'm not like those people that LIVE for the sales but sometimes we can get really good prices for good quality during this time.
So yesterday I went shopping and I decided that I wanted to write a post about what I purchased because it has been a while since I posted a haul about my shopping.
I only visited two shops, H&M and Primark since the time was short and I had to return to my home town. 
I was a little disappointed at Primark because it was super poor on good clothing and the things it had didn't appeal to me that much. I don't know if it was the store I went to but I felt sad. They didn't have good winter clothes, good summer sales.. But I still managed to buy some items and I'm going to share with you!
H&M also didn't have a lot of stuff and I wanted to go there because on their online website there were a lot of good promotions on jewellery and when I stepped inside the store there were none there! Perhaps it was only online? But it it was there should as been a warning! I only found 3 things worth inside the store.. Maybe it wasn't a very good day to go shopping? Did you guys went to the sales and got anything good? Tell me in the comments!






13,00€ (bottom) +9,00€ (top)

quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

Oreo Ice Cream
Even though it's cold outside I love having ice cream on my freezer because if one night I have one of those cravings and I don't have any i'll be "upset" in a manor of speaking of course! And because I love "cooking" and "baking" I decided to update an old recipe of mine* and make it a little different and more HD!
I'm using all white brands because I they were on sale but you can use popular brands if you feel more confortable with the flavor and quality of the products. It's all up to you!
For making this oreo ice cream you'll need:

 -2 boxes of oreos 
-2 packages of cream
-A plastic bowl with lid
-An electric mixer
-A rolling pin
-A plastic bag

                    PREP TIME: 15 Minutes | COOK TIME: 10 Minutes | DIFFICULTY: Easy


First you need take the oreos of their individual package and transfer to the large plastic bag and then smash them with the rolling pin until you see little pieces and be careful not to break the bag. You can decide if you want bigger or smaller pieces of oreos. I had 50/50.
Put the bag aside and open the 2 packages of cream into the plastic bowl and mix the cream with the electric mixer for 3-5 minutes. 
Then you can start adding the smashed oreos to the bowl and still mix with the mixer.
Add everything and mix until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. 
Close the bowl with the lid and put it in the freezer. This made almost 800 mL of ice cream.
Wait a few hours until eating.
Voilá! You now have a delicious oreo ice cream!

The main difference between this recipe and my previous one is that I removed one ingredient - the condensed milk - because the final product was to sweet and could ruing the flavour for the people that don't like foods that are super sweet.
My mother for example liked the ice cream but said that the sweet flavour was a little sickening.
I also removed it because most of the times I used it to make the ice cream I wouldn't use the all can and most of it would go to the trash and I hate wasting food.

 Note: As I said in my previous blog post you can use any cookies you like. This recipe isn't exclusive for oreo cookies. 

domingo, 15 de janeiro de 2017

My Trip to Lisbon's Aquarium

Hello everybody and Happy 2017!

Hope you're all having a great day and that holidays went hell. 
On Christmas day me and my family decided to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium because the last time any of us visit was like almost 13 years! I had been wanting to go there so badly that we spent the Christmas week in Lisbon. 
The Oceanarium is just amazing and I love that they take well care of the animals. My favourite part of the visit was seeing the otters, the penguins and the moon fish and this fish is super weird I love it!
We visited other places like Belém and Praça do Chiado.
Because it's that time of the year that I have exams I won't be able to post regularly but I have some new post prepared! 
So I'll leave here my pictures from the Visit to the Oceanarium

(all photos belong to me - taken 25 december 2016)