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segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016

Chocolate Chip Cookies
What's the thing that almost everyone loves? Chocolate Chip Cookies! The recipe that I'm sharing with you today is super easy and fun! I love make them from now and then every time I'm having cravings for homemade cookies. I love crunchy cookies and these ones are super delicious! If any of you try to make them please let me know how it turned out!

PREP TIME: 10 Minutes | COOK TIME: 20 Minutes | DIFFICULTY: Easy

For this recipe you will need:

- One egg
- 90 grams of butter
-100 grams of sugar
-200 grams of flour
-200 gram of chocolate *
-1 table spoon of milk

*optional because you can use already packaged chocolate chips from the supermarket. I prefer to use a chocolate bar


-Preheat your oven to 175ºC or 347 º F 
- Break you chocolate bar to little pieces and save them for later
(if you use the already packaged chocolate chips you can skip this step)
- Using a wooden spoon or a mixer, mix the butter with the sugar and the egg until its all well mixed together
- Add the milk and the flour to the mixture and then add the chocolate pieces (chips) and mix it all together
-With a spoon or your hands form small balls and pop them onto a line in the baking tray and don't forget to leave a little space between each cookie 
-Pop them in the oven for 20 minutes
-When they are cooked pop them out of the oven and let them cool down for about 10 to 15 minutes before eating them

P.S - I think that everyone can make more beautiful cookies, mine are not perfect but delicious none the less.  

Thank you for reading!

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Maped Graph'Peps extra fine 0.4

Hello Readers,
Today's post will be about one of my passions: Stationary. Almost everyone who's studying must have their stationary love and I decided to share my recent love.

In the beginning my semester I wanted to purchase new stationary because I think that it would make me motivated to study more and make my own notes ( and I have to say that it worked! ). 

I found it way easier to study with these pens - not because they're magical that's insane - but because it made me be more focused and more accurate with my schemes and labels. Important subjects have a colour and the main information has other colours - let's say I have a colour coordination that works.

I also found it to be super useful when I study from the teachers notes and I use my own scribbles on the sides.

Another thing is that these pens are with a fine tip which makes the writing easier and it doesn't smudge which is super helpful! I have smudgy pens because I spend a lot of time writing notes - yes I'm a slow writer - and if a pen smudges I feel that I've wasted a lot of time for nothing.

 Thank you for reading!

segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

Vasenol Spray & Go!  Review

Body hydration is fundamental to have a gorgeous, smooth skin but sometimes we forget to do it because it takes a lot of time especially if we're on a rush to leave the house! 
Most people takes a shower in the morning to start the day feeling super fresh and others prefer to be fresh in the evening but most people forget to pass the body lotion after the shower. I'm one of those people and I have to say that I don't want to be that kind of person anymore so I decided to try new body lotions to see which soothed me and worked out better in my daily routine and I have to say that I found exactly what I needed.
I found this body lotion through a friend of my mother's and I fell in love with it. There are a three different products to choose from:
                                            a) Aloe Vera b) Cocoa and c) Vanilla.

I decided to try the Aloe Vera one first because not only was the only in stock but also because I felt most attracted to it almost immediately. 
When I used it for the first time I have to say it's really amazing especially if you're on a rush and don't have a lot of time to spend on making sure that all of the cream well blended on your skin. With this moisturiser I found that the blending doesn't take a lot of time mainly because is almost instant. 



Another thing that I found interesting is the packaging. It has a seal in which you have to rotate the opening to use it and close it after use so the product doesn't stick to the opening and drys there.
I was more fascinated about how durable the sent is. For instance, one morning I used before going to my university classes at 9 am and the smell stayed until lunch time so I guess that's a positive. 
I'm definitely going to try the others!


segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2016

June Favourites

Hi guys!

June ran so fast that I can't believe that's it's July already! Summer, please slow down!
And because June has already ended it's time for this month favourites!

1. Parfois Ocean Wallet

I bought this wallet in the first week of June in Parfois and I fell in love immediately! 
Has a lot of space for cards and money as well and it's super cute right? The turtle on the cover is the best part of the design ( in my opinion of course! ).
I can't find the link to it online, sadly, but if you wan't to see more things from this collection here's a purse - which is super cute!

2. Primark Bag

This bag was purchased in Primark also on the first week of June by my mother because she wanted a new bag since hers was old and she needed to renovate. But, her friends gave her a new bag for her birthday she gave it to me and I thanked her of course because it's super cute and super light and has a lot of space! I wore it to classes and I have nothing to complain about it.
If you want to see it, here's the link to it -> Bag

3. Primark Man T-shirts

I'm that kind of girls that uses man t-shirts mainly because a lot of them are super cute, comfortable and big. I'm a very tall woman and most girls t-shirts are small even if the tag says XL or 20. I've always liked oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts because I find them super comfortable and because I like the way they look on me. 
When I entered the store and I found both these t-shirts I ran over to them and I grabbed them. I love them so much! I'm a Pokemon fan since I was 8 and I've always wanted a superman shirt as well. I don't regret my purchases at all! I love them  A LOT.

4. Note it! Black Notebook

I'm a person that liked to draw and make scribbles here and there but because I'm thinking on taking a Scientific Illustration Course soon I decided that it was time to purchase a real drawing notebook. I already began to draw on in but only scribbles and I have to say that it's a lot easier than drawing on loose paper. The way the drawing looks on the paper is amazing!

5. Sony Headphones

I like to listen to music everywhere I go and I've been like this for years now and I wanted some headphones to use when I'm studying or taking long trips or simply because I don't want to be bothered with the surrounding world.
I have a pair of earphones but I only use them when I'm going to sleep or for small trips like exiting the house and going to classes in the University and I don't want to use the headphones.
I chose these ones because they were the cheapest ones on the store and because I liked the colour. The other choices were black and white but I wanted something more vibrant so I decided to purchase these ones. 
The sound is super awesome and I can listen really well if my music or videos are on 15/100 on my PC which is awesome!

6. The Sims 4 

I've been a huge fan of the Sims since it came out and I've been playing it every year every since. I was a little sceptical when the Sims 4 came out but I played it and I loved it because the customization was so good  and really well designed.
Because I don't have a lot of free time anymore since I began University that I don't have a lot of time to play it but I restarted playing it this month and I've been hooked! I love it so much! I can't wait to finally be on holidays from University and star playing it at 100%!

So what were your June favourites?

Tell me on the comment section bellow! 

domingo, 19 de junho de 2016

How To: Survive Exams

Hello everyone!

I've been away for a while because I'm "swimming" in exams right now and I don't have the time to post anything, so  I decided that since I'm studying to exams I would share my studying tips and on how to survive exams.
I hope you can relate and use these tips to pass all your exams!

1. Have a clean environment around you
I'm that kind of person that can't concentrate on my work if my bedroom is messy or if my desk is full or random things that are not going to help on my study process so I have to clean everything before I start.
A clean environment is a good way to start your quest. 

2. Make sure you have really good notes
One thing that I find really useful is having notes that have the essencial and are very well organised. I think that these kind of notes are super helpful and can actually make a difference. I, for example, have different types of notes:
-colour coordinated
-drawings with text
-essencial text with images
But remember! You have to find what kind of note people are you! - this may sound stupid but I know a lot of people that only study on plain text notes or just text with images.

3.Try to know if any of your friends have exams for previous years
This is a very important step. I'm currently studying in a University and most of the exams I have to take are similar to those from previous years so it's very important to after you revise the subject trying to solve the tests.
 It's a way to help you see if you are capable of doing the actual exam and can help you know if you have a topic that you're not good yet.

4. Make sure you're hydrated during your study
You can't be studying for 4 hours in a row without drinking anything ! Water is the best option! But you can't be constantly drinking water because you'll have to take a break every 15 minutes to go to the bathroom and that's not helpful!!

5. Try not to stay awake all night studying and wake up early in the exam day
This is a thing I've been doing since I was in secondary school which is waking up 1 or 2 hours early before going to school and revise what's important for the test.
I'm that kind of person that can't do a all-nighter studying because I'll fall asleep super easy. 
True fact: A few weeks ago I was awake until 3.30 am with 4 of my friends finishing a paper and presentation we had to deliver the next day and at 2.00 am I was already falling asleep. I stood awake because I had music blasting on my ears the entire time.

6. Make rewards for yourself
If you give yourself rewards after doing something you will enjoy the study. For example, I was studying for my Petrology tests - studying rocks and minerals YAY!- and next to me I had a dark chocolate bar and every time I finished a topic I would eat a square because I would feel accomplished! 

7.Take brakes 
It's not a secret that taking breaks during an intense study afternoon id the best thing you can do. It's not healthy staying 6 hours in a row looking at your computer/notes/exercises! Our brain needs to take a few breaks for a few minutes to recover from the study. I once knew a kid who had to to to the hospital because he was studying for the entire afternoon and night and he didn't stop for eating dinner. It was a very difficult thing to witness. 

8. Eat dark chocolate
Since I was in secondary school my mother always told me that before entering the exam room to eat dark chocolate because it would help the brain work better and I've been doing that ever since. Dark chocolate is the best sweet you can have and it's always good to have a little sugar just before that tension right?

Do you have other tips on how to survive that you wanna share? Leave yours in the comments!

quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2016

May Favourites

Hi guys! 

As you all may be aware off may as ended which means is time for the monthly favourites!
This month I only loved 4 things but I decided that I still wanted to write about them! I already missed the April favourites and I didn't want to miss May as well!

The first stationary item is a block of sticky notes that I found super cute and adorable in my local supermarket and I couldn't resist! Look at them! And it only cost 1 euro and I've been using them a lot on my study notes for exams! 
I love that they're super bright colours and when I write something on the paper it sticks super well on the paper. 


The second stationary item is the best thing I ever seen! It's a case with 12 fine line colour pens and they write suuper well, don't smudge and are super helpful on important notes! 
With these pens I developed a colour study trick! 
Also they are super helpful on simple drawing on my note book, for example, when I'm studying minerals, I can make a super quick cute drawing to remember which mineral is it and I don't have to spend a lot of time painting with colour pencils and other materials.
The best thing is that this was also a bargain! It only cost me 3 euros on my local supermarket which means that one pen costs 0,25€!

The third item on my list is the TRESemmé Imperfect Waves.
I bought this item because I trust the TRESemmé brand and I've always loved their products. 
This item is great if you have straight or wavy hair and you want to give it a different texture. 
I used it a few times this month and I have to say that it gave me some beachy waves ( which was the look I was going for!). The only thing was that since I have really curly and strong hair, the beachy style was gone a few hours later but nonetheless I really liked using it throughout this month.

This last favourite is my ultimate favourite! It's a video game named UNDERTALE and I have to admite this is the best game and RPG I've played lately! It came out September 2015 but I only knew of its existence this month! 
The story is amazing and it's so well designed that you won't believe me until you play it!
One day a friend of mine talked to me about this game and how was the best game he ever played and that I needed to try. I was a little sceptical but I decided to play. I don't regret my decision! You all have to play it! It's really good! The game is a roller coaster of emotions! I will admite that I cried 3 times while playing ! 
Also the soundtrack of this game is the best ! I've been listening to it almost everyday when I'm studying and I have to say it's really cool! 

What are your may favourites? Tell me in the comments!

sábado, 28 de maio de 2016

The Best Pancake Recipe Ever!

Hi Guys!

Today I bring you the best pancake recipe I've ever encountered online! 
My mother is a pancake lover and since I've been gone for almost 4 weeks I decided to spoil her with the best pancakes I've ever made!
I was browsing online for some recipes when I remembered that Zoella made a post a while back about pancake day so I decided to take a look. On Zoe's post, she talks about how this is a Jamie's Oliver recipe and how it makes the pancakes fluffy and it's super easy! 
On my baking I decided to jump over a step that she used so if you want to see her post on her pancakes you can read it here



  • 6 Large Free Range Eggs   
  • 230 grams of Plain Flour  
  • 2 Teaspoons Baking Powder
  • 280 millilitres of Milk
  • (2 Pinches Salt - I didn't used salt on mine)
  • Preparation
 First you need to separate the egg whites from the yolks and place them in separate bowls. Whisk egg whites until it has formed stiff peaks. In another bowl, add sifted flour to the egg yolks, then add the baking powder and the milk. Beat everything together until is well mixed. Fold the egg whites mixture into this bowl, being super careful not to lose too much air so it stays fluffy and whipped. Then using a ladle, spoon the mixture into a non-stick frying pan on a low heat. I added a little bit of butter to grease the frying pan. After few moments you will notice little bubbles popping to the surface meaning it's about time to flip the pancake! I use a metal spatula flipped the pancake with caution.
The pancakes should have a golden colour on both sides. You can then stack them in little towers and decorate however you like! I normally eat them with jelly, nutella or melted chocolate but you can decorate and eat them with everything you want! 

More pancakes!

Have you tried this recipe before?
 Tell me in the comments below!

quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2016

My H&M Purchases this weekend

Hi Guys!

So this weekend I decided to go to H&M just to see what new things the store had and I exited the shop with only two articles. I didn't see a lot of exciting things but I didn't have a lot of money to spend inside the store which was also why I only purchased these items. 
The first piece that I bought was this alligator pattern tank top which I found fantastic! I fell in love the minute I stepped inside the store! As I walked in my eyes spotted this top and I had t get it!
 The pattern is really cool and cute and, since my brother is a huge fan of alligators and crocodiles I decided that I wanted to surprise him with this top! 
This top costs 9,99€.

The other product I bough was this adorable and cute kimono! I never owned a kimono but always wanted one but every time I searched for them they were either ugly or to small for me.
I didn't thought that I was one of those that uses floral products since it never was a thing that I admired in clothing. BUT my fashion sense is starting to change! A long time ago I exited my comfort zone and bought a pair of floral pants and I really liked them. 
This product is really smooth and I just love it soo much! I can't wait to wear it!
This product was 14.99€. 

 (The pattern is just gorgeous!) Floral Kimono 

Did you like my purchases? Do you have any recommendations for other products from the store? Leave them in the comments! 

sábado, 21 de maio de 2016

Primark Beauty Brushes Review!

Hi guys!

I know I've been away for a very long time but I've been suuper busy with university stuff that I didn't have the time ti write a blog post and I really missed it. I love writing my blog!
Today's post is a simple review of some brushes I bought from Primark a while ago. And, since I've been using them for the past month or so it's time for me to express how I fell about them.
When I posted my review of the H&M Foundation Brush ( here) a blogger told me that she loved a brush from Primark and that I should definitely try it out. My first opinion about them was that they were really cute with their rose gold metal and that the hairs were suuper soft! And super cheap as well!

I love this brush! It's angular shaped and is just perfect for contouring cheeks and give them definition. I use it every day since I bought it. It is lovely and super soft, and sits perfectly into the contours of my cheeks. 
This retails at €2 which is amazing since other brushes like the H&M one (check here) is around 6€. I didn't contour my face before I added this brush to my collection.
This brush is ideal for anyone who struggles with contouring as it sits perfectly in the hollows of the cheeks, one quick swipe upwards and your contour is done. Its so easy to build up colour with this as it is very light. I would recommend this brush to everyone.

Like the previous brush, I've been using it since I purchase it. It's really soft on both ends and I find that it easy to spread my foundation and concealer with it. It only cost 2€ which is a total bargain! The packaging is really cute and I think that for that price it's a really good deal!
I recommend this brush to everyone at least to take it on holiday just that you don't take your professional brushes with you!

I'm going to be totally honest here. I only bought this one because I never had a proper eyeshadow brush and I didn't care at all about the brow part of the brush. I have natural dark brows so I don't see the use for me to fill them even more making me look like a complete idiot!
This brush was only 1,5€ and I use it everyday I feel like using eyeshadow - which is mainly only once a week - and I have to say I like using this brush! Like the others the eyeshadow brush is super super soft and blends the eyeshadow perfectly to my eyelids. 
For the eyeshadow I definitely recommend this brush!

So, what are your opinions on these brushes from Primark? Do you think it's worth the little money I paid for it? If so, what other brushes are there that are really good? Let me know in the comments below! 

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2016

Oriflame Tender Care Rose Protecting Balm Review

Hi everyone! 

Who doesn't love Oriflame products? Well I do love them a lot!
Oriflame is one of those brands you that you purchase from and you wont be disappointed! 
The product quality is fantastic and the price in most products is really accessible for everyone.
The product that I'm reviewing today is that product that almost anyone needs to have in their make up bag! Yes, I'm talking about a protecting balm!!

This balm is very useful and can be used not only on your lips but also on your feet, hands and elbows. It can be uses to treat dry or irritated skin. It helps smooth the skin when it's to dry and it has healing, regenerative, smoothing and nutritious proprieties. 

I really liked this product since it's very smooth and has a very light texture, it gets absorbed very quickly and it gives an instant soft and smooth skin!
It's also non-greasy so it doesn't leave you with that oily feeling. 
Its packaging is really cute and travel friendly since it doesn't need a lot of space on your make up bag. It can be reached at any time and you can carry it anywhere you go! It is really practical!

I use this product when I have really dry lips and sometimes on my elbows and I have to say that my elbows are really smooth! 

What are you opinions about this product? Do you like it? Leave your opinions in the comments!

segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2016

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer Review

Natural Bronzer

I'm going to say something that may shock some of you who wear make up on a daily basis.
 I've never user a bronzer! I know its crazy!!
I never used one every time I had my make up done because I had the idea that a bronzer would darken my skin and it would make it look fake, so I was a little sceptical about bronzers.
I have a very light skin tone so I thought that using a bronzer would look bad on me.
But I changed my mind!
A few weeks ago my best friend told me that one of our local supermarkets was having a sale and that this bronzer was in promotion. 
I though about the idea of owning a bronzer and I decided that I couldn't hate bronzers forever if I didn't tried it out.
 So, I decided to purchase it and it cost around six euros.
In overall I liked the product mainly because it was discrete when I applied it on my skin and it has the most amazing smell ever!
 Every time I take a sniff it reminds me of summer!
The design that it has is really pretty and the packaging is really cute and easy to save on my make up bag.
The two problems I found about this product when I was searching information about it is that isn't good for oily skins, which is my skin type, and that it tests on animals!!
I'm against animal testing and that's the reason that I'm not going to be purchasing this brand ever again.