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domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2015

Chocolate Cake in a Cup
Hi Guys!
Today I wanted to do something delicious and yet hot, so I decided to make a microwave cake. I know the oven ones are way better but I still wanted to give this one a try. 
For this cake you will need the following ingredients:

- One Cup
- One Egg
-Cocoa Powder
-Self-Raising Flower

 First Step - Add two tablespoons of self-raising flour, two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of cocoa powder

Second Step - Stir everything and add one egg

Third Step - Add two tablespoons of milk and two tablespoons of oil and stir

Last Step - Put the cup in the microwave for three minutes at maximum power. Once it's out let it rest for a few minutes.

And Voilá! 

Thank you for reading!

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segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2015

University Family


Today's topic is Family.
The definition of Family is any group of persons closely related by blood, but this definition forgets that we can have family that isn't related by blood: a family created by friendship.
 The other day I was in University with my friends and a light inside my brain lit; i've never talked about my experience in my course in University here before and I that's something that I have to talk about.
On September 2013,
I changed my course from Meteorology, Oceanography and Geography (MOG) to Biology and Geology; I was scared because I didn't know anyone in this new course and all of the people I knew stayed or changed also and I was frightened. What I didn't knew was that I would be a part of an amazing family.
At first, as anyone in a new place, I was disoriented and didn't know where I belonged. With time, I met the best friends and colleagues I've could ever have. These are the friends that you can be stupid and they'll laugh with you and do more stupid things, they don't judge by how you look and how you act; they love you for who you are and that's the best friendship there is. Every year you meet new amazing people that will love the community the same way as you and the family will grow. Everyone gets along with everyone, everyone is friends with everyone and that's the key point for a this family: Friendship. Without a strong friendship, everything would fall apart.

Here, I've made the best friends I could ever have and I couldn't be any more proud of everything we're accomplished since I arrived here. I've feel completely at home and I don't regret ever being here. We've done charity for our local fire department and we help our academy also with charity. I may be a shy person but that doesn't mean that I don't want to be friends with everyone, I want to have a great academic life with them. Today I know that not everyone in the course knows who I am because are older and are busy with their masters degrees and other stuff, also because I'm a shy person. Nonetheless, they're apart of my family and I don't hate anyone for it. Thank you all so much for accepting me and let me be apart of something fantastic that will last all of our lives. This family will be one of the things that we'll remember in a few years and remember the old times we had with good friends. Thank you so much.

I love my BG family

(I don't owe most of the photos)

Thank you for reading!

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quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2015

My Book Collection Haul

Hi guys! 

  Since I was a little kid, my mother had always tried to pursue me on to reading books since she had a lot of them and wanted for me to enjoy reading, and obviously I didn't enjoy because at the time I didn't see the joy of picking a book, reading and let yourself dive into the story.  I was a late reader for the brilliant Harry Potter Saga and still I didn't wanted to read. I just wanted to play games and play with my friends.
   At the end of last year, I decided to start reading because the book that I bought had a lot of good reviews online from Youtubers and a lot of my university friends also said good things about it. This book was "The Fault in our Stars" . Some people say that this book is to overrated but, in my honest opinion, I liked the journey and the emotions that put the reader into a roller-coaster. This was the book that made me want to read more so, I decided to buy more books from John Green and then decided to buy other genres.
    On December 2014, my mother offered Zoella's book "Girl online" for Christmas and I read it in only 1 week because I got so addicted. On January 2015 I bought the Trilogy Maze Runner BoxSet and read them in three months ( 1 book a month). This year I bought so many books that now, as I'm writing this, I have 2 books to read and I'm waiting for 2 more to arrive this Christmas ( the Zoella's new book "Girl online on tour" and Dan and Phil's book "The Amazing book is not on fire".

But, the best purchase I made this year as the entire collection of Lewis Carroll books in one when I was on holiday in Oxford,England. 
I'm going to leave here photos of my entire book colection and I also want for you to leave some suggestion on the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015

Happy Halloween ! | Halloween Tag 2

   Hi guys!  

Happy Halloween! Hope you're having a blast today and since I'm going out in a few hours, I decided to update my answers in the Halloween Tag. If you want to see my answers last year click here 

1. Favourite Halloween song?

Spooky Scary Skeletons 

2. Witch or Vampire?

I choose both, because I love vampires but the thought of being a witch with magic powers is really thrilling

3. Favourite thing about Halloween?

The creativity that others put on scary and funny costumes

4. Halloween party or scary movie marathon?

Scary movie marathon for sure!

5. Skeletons or Zombies?

I think Skeletons

6. Favourite Halloween candy?

Every type of chocolate candy

7. Favourite Halloween movie?

Nightmare before Christmas from Tim Burton

8. Favourite Halloween costume?

I think is the one I'm dressing up this year: Bloody Mary 

9. Favourite Halloween store?

I don't have one

10. Jack-o-lanterns, yes or no?

Definitely yes! I just carved one 

11. Bats or Black Cats?

Black cats because they are adorable

12. Is Halloween your favourite holiday?

Is on my top three with Christmas and Carnival

13. Pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate?

Even though I've never tried a Pumpkin spice latte I'll have to say hot chocolate all the way!

I tag ALL of you! 

Thank you for reading!

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quarta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2015

My Curly Hair without heat

Hey guys!

 Today I'm going to try to show you my curly hair without heat tutorial. I hope you like it!

I'm a night shower person since I don't like going to bed with the day sweats and dirts on my body which means every three days ( for me at least) I'll wash my hair. I'm also one of those persons with really curly hair that it can't be brushed or I'll look like a witch whose hair is on acids. Here are the steps I took just a few days ago.

☾ Step One - Wash your wair 

To wash my hair I used 

Pantene Pro-V Color Protect Shampoo 750mL ( 5€ )
I'm using a colour protect because I dyed my hair a darkish purple

Also used the Pantene Pro-V Perfect Curls Conditioner ( 5€)

☾ Step Two - Comb and add the products you want 

personally didn't use any product for my hair because the only things I have are mousses and curling sprays and I don't like using them with this, only if I have somewhere to be in the next hours - like a night out.
Here you'll also want to comb you hair so that it doesn't have any knots.

☾ Step Three - Start French braiding 

Here is where the magic begins. After a while but still with a little wet hair, what you have to do is to split you hair in the middle section of your head. From there you'll french braid from the top to the bottom of your head on both sides.
 Here what you should have

☾ Step Four - Let it dry overnight 

To get the best results, the best tactic is to sleep with the braids on your head for 6/8 hours depending on your sleep schedule.

☾ Step Five - Results 

In the morning, you'll have to remove the elastics on the bottom of the braid and messy the braids and style them to your own personal taste.
Here are my results ( P.S - I was late for class so my face isn't the best on the photos)

☾ Curiosity 

On these last three photos, the hair was 3 days old. The curls stay intact and almost perfect. I love this method.

Thank you for reading!

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