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segunda-feira, 27 de outubro de 2014

Amazing Biology Experience


  Many people don't know but I'm in university studying Biology and Geology and, last month had the privilege of going on a field trip to study deer behavior. And I have to say it was amazing!
   Nothing like waking up at 04:45 am to be ready to travel to the woods and stay there from 06:30 to 10:00am and see these creatures in their natural habitat its just amazing. Being able to hear the birds, the water, the mating calls from far away is really cool and fantastic for field experience. I'm really happy that I said yes to this opportunity because I really liked it. 

I can say that Portugal really has amazing landscapes!  I've learnt how to distinguish an older male deer from a younger male, how many deer stalks a male can have and how to distinguish an older female from a younger female. It's really impressive.
This was a spectacular weekend and I hope to do another soon because I had so much fun. Studying biology is really incredible.

Thank you for reading!


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domingo, 26 de outubro de 2014

Halloween Tag


There're only a few days until Halloween!  Exciting!!

So, I was reading some blogs to get some inspiration for Halloween so I saw CariadOnLife's blog and I saw a tag that she did last year and, since my blog is recent I decided to do this tag! Let's do this!

1. Do you still Trick or Treat?
No, and I think I never did.

2. Do you like going to haunted attractions?
When I was younger, I used to go to an attraction in a fair called "Haunted House" but I stopped. Never been since I was 13 I think.

3. Favourite Halloween movie?
Obviously, The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's the best one!

4. Favourite costume you wore as a child?
The only one I recall is a clown costume but I don't think it was that awesome :(

5. Do you decorate your house for Halloween?
Not anymore, the only thing I do is to search around the house to see if I still have a pumpkin lantern and put it in my dinning table.

6.What are your plans for this years halloween?
Since I'm in University, my and my class are going to dress up and go to a party and it's going to be AWESOME"

7.Do you ever dress up your pet?

8.What was the worst thing you were given when trick or treating?
Never been Trick or Treating ,so i've never been given anything bad!

9. Favourite thing about Halloween?
The creepy atmosphere and the hillarious costumes that other people have.

You can read her blog here:  http://cariadonlife.blogspot.pt/

Thank you for reading!


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domingo, 19 de outubro de 2014

Little Things That Can Change Our Life


It's been a long time since I saw Zoella's " Little Ways To Change Your Life" video and decided that I wanted to change my life a little everyday. I've been changing my lifestyle a little bit over the past 4 months and I can say the results are really amazing.
So, here are my list of little things that can change our life.
  1. Drinking a lot of water:
    A lot of people think that water is only for those who want to lose weight and others think that it's prejudicial to your health but it's wrong! Yes, water may help you loose some weight by forcing you to go to the toilet more often than usual BUT it also helps a lot your body, for example, it can really make a difference in your skin turning it healthier then before.
  2. Eating a little more healthy:

    Almost every people likes to eat treats once in a while, it's who we are and it feels good right? Those delicious chocolates, ice creams and obvioulsly pizza! But, it also makes us less healthy ( unless if you do the 3rd point regularly). And that's why, if we let healthier food enter our food routine it can make great differences!
    For example, trying to drink more healthy smoothies, or making your own food with more vegetables and less rice or pasta, eating at least 1 piece of fruit everyday.
    I believe that this really can make a difference.

  3. Trying to exercise a little bit everyday:

    I know that exercise isn't for everybody, because we don't want to go on a run or a bike ride outside our house BUT there are types of exercises that we can do indoors and that will help us be healthier:

                      * Doing Yoga - I'm not an expert on yoga but I enjoy doing it sometimes to help me be more flexible and I kinda like it. Yoga can also help to clean our mind of bad thoughts and replacing it with purity.
                    * Dancing - I loove dancing and it's a little exercise to warm up our bodies. 
                 *Walking - If we walk instead of driving everywhere, we're doing some exercise and helping our body. These walks can also help to clean our mind of bad thoughts.

If you want, you can see Zoella's video here: 

 Her video really inspired me to write this and to help changing my lifestyle. She really is a role model.

So, these are three simple topics that can help us change our everyday life one step at a time. There are more things that we can do, but I think that there three are three of the most important ones. 
                                                               x x 

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